Kingdom Hearts, the franchise that wormed its’ way into my heart from an early age, just announced its ReMIND version of Kingdom Hearts 3. This was done at the Kingdom hearts Orchestra performance by Series director Tetsuya Nomura in Tokyo last night. The new version seems to be a Final Mix version of the game with the expected additional content that usually comes in these versions.

The additional content in the game hasn’t been flushed out as of yet in extreme detail, but what we know is that it will feature a secret episode, a secret new boss, and a few ‘episodes and bosses’. The DLC package will also allow an English language option for anyone who bought the Kingdom Hearts 3 Japanese version.

The upcoming DLC hasn’t been given a launch date or any pricing as of yet. Though purchasing the game ensures that you get a new Keyblade and an additional form will be offered to gamers for free.


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