Normally you would expect a company to worry more about their bottom dollar than about how much they can keep in my wallet. It’s hardly a pessimistic outlook these days, especially in a world of microtransactions running rampant throughout games. After all, why only charge a gamer once? Companies try their darndest to take as much as they can from our own bottom dollar by ensuring one simple fact. To have your best gaming experience you must buy, buy, buy. No longer can you just unlock everything you need from many video games by merely playing, that seems to be an idea that is from a bygone era of gaming.

That said, it seems like Nintendo is trying to show some compassion for us in the form of limiting such purchases. This has been announced by the Wall Street Journal in regards to Nintendo’s newest policy. The company is trying to ensure that its development partners make adjustments to their mobiles games. The companies main worry lies in the fact that said games might be charging excessive amounts of money in them.
While the company showed reluctance at first towards the idea of jumping on the mobile gaming phase, it has since grown past that. That said, they want to ensure that they protect their own image first and foremost. According to the WSJ report, that’s why the company has gone with this move. They don’t want to be perceived as greedy by fans and thus tarnish their own brand.

It’s admittedly a not so altruistic move on their part, but has the benefit of lightening the load – however small – on our wallets. So thanks for that Nintendo, I tip my hat to you.

Though I don’t think Nintendos’ partners are as happy with the decision. One such company is Cygames, creator of the recent mobile game Draglia Lost. The company has had to cut its recent earnings forecast due to the decision made by their partner, merely stating that “Nintendo is not interested in making a large amount of revenue from a single smartphone game…If we managed the game alone, we would have made a lot more.”

Sounds like some regret is to be had on the companies part, and I can’t help but wonder how this might affect future business ventures for people who are looking to work with the gaming giant.



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