Occasionally there is a game that pops out of nowhere that doesn’t fill many of the normal checkboxes. That is to say, it isn’t stylistically beautiful, the gameplay isn’t fancy or groundbreaking, and the plot won’t leave you on the edge of the seat.

Yet you know you’ll love them anyway.

Shakedown Hawaii happens to appear like one of those games.

Vblank Entertainment has created a quirky little game that seems to be a fun 16-bit game. The game’s story is easy enough to follow, you want to create a business empire. To do that, you will use any means necessary to ensure your companies success. Whether that’s cutting costs for your business or shaking down the local competition. You’ve got to ensure that your business empire stands on top.

Currently, the game is on a PC exclusivity deal due to Epic Games. However, if Retro City Rampage is any indication, Shakedown: Hawaii’s predecessors, then the game should be expecting ports at some point in the future. Hopefully making its way to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and other consoles sooner as opposed to later.

Check out the cheesy trailer below for the upcoming game, and get hooked on the bad plot but obviously addicting game play. Nothing better to do than pass the time destroying other business owners, and taking over a city one bad idea at a time.

To those who might think the above statement was sarcastic, it isn’t the game hits every note of just so bad it’s good within me that it is hysterical.


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