If you happened to invest in Bioware’s most recent game, Anthem, you might have been met with some disappointment as of late. While the game isn’t bad per se, the chinks in its’ armor ensure that we cannot fully enjoy it by and large. Not in the way that Bioware and its partner EA intended. Though in the case of some Sony users, the chinks have turned from minor issues into full-on pitfalls.

The issue that has Sony users in an uproar, and rightfully so I might add, is the fact that the game is causing PS4 consoles to crash while users are trying to enjoy it. Given the outcry made by gamers by this huge issue, such an issue couldn’t go unnoticed by EA for long.

The company had this to say about the recent issues on their blog, stating on their web page that they were in the process of “gathering information about the PS4 issues so we can determine the root cause.” All that they ask of users is that should you suffer a crash from the game, to submit the information about which PS4 console you are using, your PSN ID, and details about your problem to them.

Currently, the issue is so bad, that rumors were flying about that Sony itself is offering refunds on the game – no questions asked. Though many Reddit users are stating that their requests are being denied, so I wouldn’t hold to much stock in this rumor. In my own opinion, if you have bought the game already, you should refrain from booting it. With the game having so many bugs and issues currently, on top of possibly causing a software issue, you should just avoid the hassle altogether. They’re plenty of good games available on the market to play, why risk your own console for a game that EA really needs to work on, and should have worked on more, before submitting.

Not to say that you shouldn’t play the game eventually. It seems like Bioware and EA are determined to make the game work. That said, keep track of when and if all issues are addressed. Gamers are nothing if not a hopeful bunch and one can only hope that the game will come together in the future – becoming the game that we wanted it to be.


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