The first Pokemon Nintendo Switch games have been revealed, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The new game, much like Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon the games, plays like traditional RPGs. The trailer below shows off the games fully 3D setting and tries to give you a taste of what’s to come.

The new region that we have access to is called Galar. The world seems to feature more of a modern setting but stays true to typical Pokemon games. That mean’s you can expect plenty of “idyllic countryside and contemporary cities”, or so says the Pokemon Company.

The coolest thing about the trailer, in my opinion, is the fact that it seems like we will get to finally step into a real Pokemon Stadium. Childhood dreams seem to be coming true for many an old Pokemon gamer. While not much is actually known about the upcoming game, as it just was announced, we do know who our starting trio of Pokemon will be. The three that are up for being picked are grass type Grookey, water-type Sobble, fire-type Scorbunny.
The Pokemon journey, for those of you still playing, shall continue! I have fortunately stopped and will be merely watching it from afar.



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