The newest Overwatch Hero has hit the PTR server just yesterday, and Blizzard hasn’t failed to deliver quite a powerful hero. Baptiste is the name of our newest character, and he’s a support character that has a lot to offer. From doing decent amounts of damage himself to an ultimate that will amplify both healing and damage from friends. However, his most interesting ability can be found below, and trust me it seems like quite a doozy.

Baptiste primarily uses his Medic SMG. It shoots in rounds of three, so make those shots counts. Let it be said though that those of you who have better aim and land those shots should be happy as they prove to be quite powerful. His alternative fire is the Biotic Launcher. Much like Ana’s Biotic Grenade, it will heal allies should it land near them. That said, it won’t heal Baptiste himself.

Another cool ability the character has is Regenerative Burst. Baptiste can activate this ability and it shall heal himself and allies over time. Once activated, and should you be in range, it will continue to heal you should you decide to make a hasty retreat from an ongoing skirmish. His passive ability is called Exo Boots. The ability allows Baptiste to crouch and then propel himself in the air, so don’t be too surprised to see him flying over high heights.

Then there is Baptiste’s ultimate move, which was mentioned earlier, Amplification Matrix. Baptiste creates a small area of effect that will double both the damage dealt and healing effects of all friendly projectiles that go through it. So make sure to take advantage of it when you see it in effect, whether to heal your friends or finish off that pesky foe.

Finally, the most ridiculous ability as of yet to the game is Baptiste’s second ability. The fact that I’m mentioning it after the ultimate should really raise red flags but what do I know. The ability, which will only last eight seconds currently, is called Immortality Field. Do you wonder what such an ability can do? It does just like the name suggests, stops you from dying. As long as you are in its area of effect your health will not drop beneath 20 percent. While it is true that it can be destroyed much like Orisa’s supercharger, it seems like Blizzard’s way of telling those of us who depend on ultimates for kills to really just ‘suck it’.
I’m definitely going to give the new character a try tonight. That said, any Junkrats that I run into? No, your rip tire shall not kill me.


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