Embark Studios, which was founded by individuals like Patrik Soderlund, has just thrown out a small snippet on an upcoming game being worked on at the company. His own work portfolio is hardly laughable, as Soderlund was the former head of games like Battlefield for DICE studios, and was a chief design officer over at Electronic Arts.

While Embark Studios is currently a tiny company, I’m more than willing to give it a try. As I always tend to lend my ear to smaller companies these days, as the bigger ones seem to have let me down regularly as of late.

A post by Soderlund allowed us to get a small gleam into what the company is working on as of late. Telling us that Embark is working on a “cooperative free to play action game set in a distant future, about overcoming seemingly impossible odds by working together.” While admittedly the description itself seems a bit corny, the concept art really does look quite beautiful. 

As you can see, the art shows off some explorers dressed in containment suits. They seem to be navigating a new planet of some sort, or an earth that has gone through quite a horrendous change from our current one. I’m lending my vote to the second one, as I think that it might be a game where humans have pushed the boundaries of science to far again and been punished. To lend a little bit of credibility to the theory, you can look at the bottom picture carefully, you can even see a giant mechanical creature walking through the fog.

The whole game will likely take place on one big open world, if Embark’s testing of a large landmass engine is anything to go by. You can see the video down below to get a look at how that looks as well. It really does look beautiful, though whether my system can currently run that beauty is doubtful. Soderlund has said that the company is really trying to “push visual fidelity on a large scale” and seems to want to push how far they can take their graphics engines.

To be honest guys, I’m just waiting for the next possible games to knock my socks off. I’m not trying to be picky any more but as of late I just haven’t really been feeling any of the new releases of the year. So here’s hoping Embark can come up with something cool.

That and I never turn down a free game, so whenever it arrives I’ll definitely grab it.


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