Overwatch has just added to its map repertoire, its’ Paris map going live across all platforms. The map is an assault map and looks rather pretty if one takes the time to explore. Though I know you’ll be busy memorizing the best spots to retreat to or expect your enemies to appear from.

The map itself doesn’t seem to hold any special significance in Overwatch lore, rather it just seems to be a beautiful addition to the rotation of maps available to us. Though it does possess a few easter eggs on the map if you take a glance around, one of which references the Junkrat and Roadhog animated trailer “A Moment in Crime”.

While the map itself doesn’t currently hold any specific place in Overwatch lore, the place itself seems to be filled with Omnic and human tension. There’s also been rumor, though there always is, of a new possible coming out soon. This rumor seems to be fueled by a police station in Paris that seems to contain pictures of individuals we don’t know and are making more than a few think that new possible heroes might be hitting the network soon.

Though to be honest, we’re always hoping for new heroes. We’re addicts at this point.


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