Capcom has just announced that we will be receiving its newest DLC for Resident Evil 2, dubbed Ghost Survivors, this February 15th. That’s right, you’ll be getting it tomorrow for, wait for it, free. Happy valentines day from Capcom to us I guess.

The expansion will be on PS4, Xbox One, and the PC. The new game mode is much like the 4th Survivor Mode in the game, wherein you take on the role of characters who are not the leading protagonists that we are familiar with. The difference is that while we know Hunk was meant to make it out of the game alive, these three characters never were. In fact, if you are one to pay attention in video games, you can find out their fates in the normal Resident Evil 2 campaign.

However, their original fates might not be held to if Kellen Haney, social media specialist for Capcom, is to be understood correctly. Each story, according to her blog post, is a “what if” scenario and provides an alternative look into how things could have happened that fateful day in Racoon city. Thus the story isn’t meant to be taken as canon, and rather something to just enjoy.

The first story of the three, titled No Time to Mourn, focuses on Robert Kendo. He is the owner of Gun Shop Kendo, and sets out with a host of weapons to try to make it out of Racoon City alive. The second story, Runaway, focuses on Katherine Warren. She is the daughter of the cities Mayor, and is much less equipped for this scenario. You must sneak your way to safety, with much less equipment it seems, to survive this night. The third story is dubbed the Forgotten Soldier and follows a character named Ghost. Much like Hunk he is a U.S.S. agent that is trying to make his way to freedom.


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