So another lovely Nintendo Direct conference has come and gone and brought with it a slew of new information. There were more than a few games announced by Nintendo. That said, one of my favorites to look forward to is Deltarune.

Made by Toby Fox, the developer behind Undertale, the game was announced for the Nintendo Switch. The first chapter of the game is free of charge, and likely will get you hooked much like Undertale. While there was an announcement trailer, it is pretty much useless. As you can see below, it was done in such a way to ensure a spoiler-free game. Though if you worried about the annoying dog, don’t be, Toby promises it won’t be in the game in such a fashion.
Deltarune: Chapter 1 will land on the Switch February 28th, though is already out on the PC and has been for quite some time. That said, you can never have too many good handheld games.


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