It’s really a game that needs no explanation at this point. We all know that Super Smash Bros has become an iconic Nintendo game. That said, it’s hardly a surprise that Nintendo has announced that the upcoming title, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, is the best “pre-selling” Super Smash game. It’s also hardly surprising that this makes it the best pre-selling Switch game out.

Not that there is a lot of competition in my opinion.

Here’s Nintendo’s Twitter post about their obvious joy:

Past Smash Brother games have sold well, with the Wii version having sold at least 13.29 million copies during its era. The wonder now is if the Nintendo Switch version can blast past that number. Though I’m confident the current market will be chomping at the bit to get their hands on the game. However, I’ll admit that I am a little worried about my Joy-Con controller, as the 3DS version of Smash made me ruin my joystick due to excessive usage.

While high pre-selling numbers don’t exactly equate to the game living up to the hype upon arrival, or that everyone will actually go and pick up a copy, it does set a good tone. With that said, I think everyone with a Switch should pick up the game so I can destroy them as Link.


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