Update: The game has since gone on sale on the Sony PSN Store. That said, it seems like the game is really just not holding up to the test of time at all. Hopefully you will get them next time Bethesda.

Fallout 76 has just released last week, and the verdict doesn’t seem to be good for the game as it is already seeing price changes. The game has dropped down from full price to just $40 USD on Xbox Live right now, which is a drop of 33 percent of its normal pricing. The change is not just in North America, as other regions are showing similar changes. The deal is good up to November 27th for those interested.

Unfortunately, or completely par the course, the PlayStation Store hasn’t discounted the game at all. Also, the PC edition continues to remain the same price, so it seems only Microsoft has lost faith in the game. That said, GameStop will also be selling the game at the lower price for Black Friday on both Xbox One and PS4.

The earlier discount on the game really doesn’t bode well for how the title is doing, or that might be me misinterpreting things. That said, it’s generally rare for games to drop in price so close to launch unless they are doing terrible. Many games waiting months before even contemplating a price drop of 10 percent, let alone 30 percent.

This leads me to wonder how well individuals are taking to the game, as I haven’t bought the game personally due to me disliking the Fallout franchise. Are you guys enjoying it? Are you hating it? Have you even bought it yet?

Or are you like the guy below, completely dissatisfied with the game and expressing your rage in completely over the top ways.

While I don’t agree at all with what the customer did due to GameSpot not refunding his game, I can’t help but wonder what kind of game induces this kind of rage in a persons soul. That said, sucks to be the guy cleaning up that mess.


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