It seems that gamers were worried that Biowares super anticipated title Anthem would be delayed. This worry appeared like a comment due to a random twitter question wherein a gamer was seemingly mistaken about when the title was supposed to launch.

To assuage any fears, Bioware has made it abundantly clear that February is their scheduled release date. The post can be seen below.

The game is slotted to release February 22, 2019, which I hope to remain true. As there have been rumors that the game has been tested out on Sony’s PlayStation 5 instead of 4. Whether or not this is true, Bioware has a lot riding on the success of this game as anticipation is high and I feel that gamers will be a tad unforgiving if the game doesn’t deliver on what many are assuming to be a much more exciting Destiny game.

So good luck Bioware, don’t screw around. To those of you who have forgotten how exciting the game looks check out the gameplay trailer below.


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