Square Enix seems intent on seeing how far they can take their hit MMORPG game Final Fantasy 14. That said, at the Fan Festival being held for the game in Las Vegas, the developers decided to take to the stage and announce what is to come for the game. With director Naoki Yoshida directing the conversation, we learned of a new expansion called ShadowBringers and a new job class that will likely have gamers quite happy.

Take a look below at the action-packed trailer, I’m not even a huge fan of the series myself but it still looks like a good addition to the game for fans.

Shadowbringers will drop in the summer of 2019, though exactly when has yet to be announced. This expansion of the game will bring it to version 5.0 and will raise the level cap for players from level 70 to 80. With new areas to explore as well as new jobs, if the trailer is any indication, to check out. The expansion seems to promise some fun for true die-hard fans.

They didn’t stop there, they also announced another job class that has been around since Final Fantasy 5 – the Blue Mage.
The job class has, and seemingly always will be, a mage that only learns their craft from the monsters they fight. The level cap for this character is rather low, set at 50, but will raise in further patches of the game. The character itself will drop in the 4.5 patch and will likely have people who love monster skills scrambling at the bit to give it a try.

I personally will always prefer a good old sword.

So look forward to some cool patches coming your way relatively soon gamers. I say soon only because I’ve been waiting for years for Kingdom Hearts 3 – whats a few months for a game patch?


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