Nintendo is out there doing what it does best, taking no prisoners in their pursuit of owning what they deem to be theirs. That said, Nintendo has reached a settlement deal, according to TorrentFreak, with two ROM sites that they have been suing for a rather sizeable amount.

The people out of luck, in this case, are the owners of and, who might be on the hook to pay $12.2 million dollars. Whether or not they can actually pay that remains to be seen, but Nintendo seems determined to prove a point. That point being, that they won’t have an open market for their products. 
Nintendo stated back in March that they thought the sites were “among the most open and notorious online hubs for pirated video games.” The original complaint even going so far as to state that the sites weren’t the work of enthusiasts, but rather just those deliberately trying to break copyright infringement.

The decision has spooked other ROM site owners as well, as is seen by EmuParadise. The owner of which has taken down ROMs from their site, stating that the exposure to legal repercussions was too high.

The news of this hasn’t been to well received by gamers who state that they would willingly pay for the ROMS, the issue being that Nintendo itself won’t offer a majority of the games that have just been taken off the market. The general consensus is that Nintendo doesn’t offer enough of the unique games that gamers are looking for, but rather only the generic ones that they own the source code too. While they understand the legal aspect of it, they don’t feel that Nintendo is listening to what it is their market wants from them – only seeing what it is losing instead.

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