The day is coming Fallout fans, November 14th is right around the corner and that means that Fallout 76 will be arriving. That said, for those of you who have pre-ordered the game, you can download it now.

You can download the game on both the PS4, Xbox One, and PC already. If you have the beta on the PC though you only need to update your current game file, as opposed to downloading a whole new file.

The same can’t be said for console users.

It won’t take long, or it will if your internet connection is terrible, but you will have to download the full game to your console before gaining access to it – even if you have the beta installed already. You can also delete that pesky beta as well to make room for the new game, as it is no longer necessary to have.

To those of you who might be worried about whether or not deleting the beta will have a negative effect on your save file – relax. We’ve been reassured that your progress will carry over without a problem, as information is saved to the server as opposed to your console itself.

So grab the game already Fallout fans, and to those of you who are on the fence about the game make sure to check out the gameplay trailer below.

While admittedly different from past Fallout games due to the complete online nature of the title, and the complete lack of NPC’s, it’s still proving to be a really fun play through.

Just one I am forced to play online.


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