The last few years have been exciting for gamers, from stellar games and the growth of an ever-changing Esports scene. More than a few gamers have seen their youthful dreams come to life in the last few years, in the form of gaining lucrative jobs as professional gamers.

While lucrative might not be the best word for their jobs, what individuals are making on the pro scene for Overwatch is hardly laughable. This is especially true if one considers that it wasn’t so long ago that gamers couldn’t even make money outside of major tournaments for the games they loved so much. That said, with the scene opening up more and more, Ubisoft has been trying to put their hat into the ring. Their current game of passion being the well known Rainbow Six.

While the finals for season 2 were happening just yesterday, I happened to have the pleasure of catching up with Adam Climan – the Esports and Communications Manager at Ubisoft. He seemed happy with the direction that Ubisoft has been taking with their online shooter. While hardly a new hand at promoting themselves at big venues, Ubisoft is still a fledgling in terms of Esports at least. That said, their partnership with Northern Arena has done nothing but help them grow and Adam seemed confident that their future is bright.

This is Ubisoft’s first year on the Esport scene, and Adam feels like they have grown exceptionally. The company has learned a lot in terms of what works, and what doesn’t. With all this knowledge on hand, Ubisoft seems eager to “take it to the next level for gamers and fans alike”.

In terms of their actual growth in the next few years, the company isn’t only expecting to grow the Rainbow Six scene. They will also be expanding their efforts into games like Brawlhalla and other popular games they possess, while simultaneously ensuring that each new event gets bigger and better. Climan believes that these bigger events are necessary because the attention on Esports is growing every day, and that it’s not just gamers whom will be paying attention anymore but also everyday consumers.

“The non-gamer fan will have to notice as more gaming bars pop up, esports environments, and more gaming centers”. 

Ubisoft is confident that the scene has a huge amount of growth and they are only touching on the surface. This confidence coming from the hugely positive response that was received when they announced that they would be taking Rainbow Six to a higher stage of play. The community surrounding it was passionate and positive in that regard and gave Ubisoft the confidence to step forward with their plans.

Now its just a waiting game to see how rewarded they will be with their endeavor, but I hardly imagine that the choice will prove wrong. As the scene is only beginning to rise, and I don’t see the fall coming anytime soon.

Let us know on what you think of the direction for Esports in the comments below, and congrats to Team Canada for their win last night, you can find a recording of the LiveStream right here for those of you who love Rainbow Six Siege.


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