Usually, when the big heads over on the Blizzard Overwatch team decide that a change needs to be made to a map they do so for a reason. These reasons can vary, from bugs in the game, to just better aesthetics, but my favorite reason is always the subtle hints that developers try to give gamers of upcoming changes in the universe.

One such change could be witnessed in the good old days of Numbani, where on our favorite payload we use to escort Doomfist’s gauntlet to safety. However, upon Doomfists imminent arrival to the Overwatch Universe, that gauntlet disappeared and we had to escort an empty payload.

Now a recent patch just went through that made a similar change to a payload, one that I overlooked until it was pointed out in the Overwatch community, that being the Route 66 payload has changed in the PTR. 

You can actually see the above image in a live server version of Overwatch currently. The Route 66 payload is a nuke that we’ve been carting around for ages without any care in the world for the fact that it really should be exploding with the number of bullets we sink into it by accident all the time. That said, now it’s gone and vanished without a trace.

Does this mean the deadlock gang’s back and taken their goods? Or is a new Overwatch villain going to appear on the scene this Blizzcon. I guess we will have to wait and see.


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