One thing i think we as gamers can all agree on is every once in a while a title comes along that is universally loved. Take the new God of War game for example, an instant classic. One of these games that comes to mind was Bully, the Rockstar title game that came out for Xbox and PlayStation in 2006. Whether it was attending classes on time or hurling rotten eggs at fellow students, the game had a complete feel to it, something that its developers put their all into. Since its release we have had many Rockstar titles come out, but still, no Bully 2. Well recent news has fans stirring after supposed casting calls from Rockstar was released.

The Jessica Jefferies Casting’s Twitter account sent out a bunch tweets asking for motion capture casting calls which references mostly teenage rolls, but has a call for a “college professor”, fueling the rumours that a Bully 2 games from Rockstar Studios is in fact on it’s way. The call also had a warning of a young actor being involved in mild violence and profanity, which  is insightful into what kind of game they are developing, since those are staples of the original title. Developers have stated before how much they love the original Bully title, and fans of Rockstar have patiently been waiting every year for hints at its coming. Now this is all speculation, there is no confirmation as of yet, but with the details surfacing around the type of casting they are looking for, as well as a plethora of teenage rolls being opened, it is not far fetched to feel this may be the first look into the sequel of one of their most beloved games.

Recently on the Bully section of GTAForums, a user without a source, posted a bunch of concept art photos, which if true, could all but confirm that we have a bully sequel on its way. The concept art shows character portraits and screenshots, that if true, definitely point to a school setting for the game, but again this is all based on speculation and faith in the poster’s source. Here are some of the pieces of art, again these are not confirmed at all by Rockstar.bully-2.6bully-2.11bully-2.10bully-2.7bully-2.3Fingers crossed that this evidence adds up to us getting a new Bully game, maybe even for the next-gen systems on their way. Keep updated with us and on the GTAForum for more possible hints to a sequel.


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