There is nothing more amusing for gamers than to find new and inventive ways to break the gaming world in which they play. Granted, playing through the game normally is always a fun time, but finding ways to exploit the system that the creators have put before us seems to be a great joy as well.

One glitch that has come to my attention, and seems hysterical in its own right, is for the Breath of The Wild for Nintendo Switch and is named the bullet time bounce. Apparently, the ability has been around since August and has been flying beneath my radar for some time since I don’t pay attention to speed runners and their nefarious ways of travel.

Now the new glitch, well new for me, involves gamers to jump from a height and turn 180 degrees until their back is facing the enemy, all while ensuring you hit them while riding your shield.

Should you hit them just right:

The only catch to this wonky trick is that when you land on an enemy you need to ragdoll them completely. This means that your enemy needs to be fairly weak, or frozen, ensuring that when you land on its head the glitch takes effect. You won’t be confused when it works either, for the game will apparently pick you up like a rock from a slingshot and toss you right across Hyrule Field.

To those of you who enjoy finding new and inventive ways to fly around the map, this way might just be for you. Let me know how it goes, as I’m sure I will manage to mess it up a lot more than you!


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