Spider-Man has been a fun play through on the PlayStation 4 for me and my friends for the last few weeks. In between working and trying to climb up the Overwatch totem pole its been all I’ve been playing. The game offers tons in terms of playability I find, with ton’s to collect, and a giant city to enjoy web-slinging through. That said, I’m glad to say that next Tuesday will mark the first of three DLC’s to grace the fun superhero game.

The three-part DLC package is called The City That Never Sleeps, and the first one to make its way into our hands is dubbed The Heist. With that in mind, and as an individual who pays attention to the Spider-Man lore knows, its’ hardly a surprise that the character staring in the DLC is the Black Cat.

While I’m hopeful that we will finally catch Black Cat in this DLC package, I’m more than confident Spider-Man will somehow bumble this and let her escape yet again.

This first part of the DLC will also include some new goodies for gamers as well, three new suits that can be viewed to the right. One of which is drawn by Marvel artist Gabriele Dell’Otto, and two of which come straight from the comics.

The Heist will launch on Oct 23rd, and will only cost you $9.99. Should you want to get the whole DLC set, it will cost you $24.99 and can also be bought at the same time.

For those of you who really liked the game, it’s worth mentioning that a New Game + mode has been slated to be added. This should allow you to play the game again with all you’re tricks and abilities already waiting at your fingertips – that means notch up that difficulty and really find out what it means to be a hero guys.


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