A couple days ago we addressed an issue that had been plaguing the Sony network at random. The problem, for those of you who don’t know about it, was a seemingly viral code that was causing PlayStation 4s’ to crash at random.

In a rather prompt response to the issue, Sony issued a statement about the problem on Twitter stating the following:

As of yet, Sony hasn’t issued a new firmware update to permanently fix the issue. That said, while we haven’t tried the method above – as we’ve avoided being bricked altogether – we can only hope that it works for those of you who might be suffering from the issue.

As an added set of protection for those of you trying to avoid the issue, make sure to set your message settings on PSN to “friends only”. This ensures that random people can’t send you this small string of code, as seen below, that can shut down your PlayStation.

Stay safe on the PSN guys!


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