Across the Playstation verse voices are apparently crying out in agony as their PS4 units are shutting down due to a text message exploit that is bricking their consoles. The good news about the hack is that a factory reset seems to fix the issue, the bad news is that it seems to be happening at random.

We can start by saying that Sony themselves haven’t even confirmed that the hack is real and that any information we possess is coming straight from Reddit. On the social media platform, numerous individuals have reported getting hit by the issue and have their PS4 going to the pits. That said, it’s recommended by most to change your privacy settings online due to the nature of this hack – wherein a message will be sent to a user with a string of characters that apparently shut down your hardware.

In the connected thread, a PS4 user stated that someone shut down his entire team with the below message. One character of which is just a question mark in a square, indicating that a string in the line can’t be comprehended by the system – and likely whatever is causing the shutdown. 

Sony has yet to send out a comment on the issue but if they do we will be sure to tell you guys all about it.


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