In my gentle swaying through the internet, I came upon an interesting little tidbit on Reddit in regards to the newest feature that the Nintendo Switch has, its’ online subscription. Whether or not people agree with the new service, as it was a previously free arrangement between Nintendo and its’ gamers, the fact remains is that it’s here to stay.

Now there are plenty of gamers who probably won’t ever get the service, even though it is extremely cheap in nature, as they just don’t play online games. Until now I didn’t think that would affect their gameplay in any meaningful way, as they can still access whatever game they own and play through its’ campaign with ease.

Apparently, I might be wrong.

While a games campaign might be accessible to individuals, the DLC might be locked away behind the subscription filter according to an interesting post found on twitter.

That’s right boys and girls, no DLC content for you without a Nintendo Subscription.

Now at first, it’s easy to think that this might be a simple mistake made by WB in regards to its’ Lego game, and that very little of this has to do with Nintendo itself. However, if one is to actually scroll down through the comment section of Haan Solos’ Twitter feed, you can see that this isn’t the case at all. As he tried to reach out to WB and got a prompt response in regards to his DLC content issue.

Lego Worlds Nintendo Online Switch Direct Smash Ultimate Splatoon 2 Mario Kart

As you can see WB has stated that there is very little they can do in terms of helping,Lego Worlds Nintendo Online Switch Direct Smash Ultimate Splatoon 2 Mario Kart as whatever policy Nintendo has installed is affecting their ability to give Paul his DLC package. That said, while I can agree with needing an online subscription to use Nintendos multiplayer gaming features, as Xbox and the PS4 use similar principles, I don’t know how I feel about needing a subscription to download extra features to a game that wouldn’t make you play online altogether.

Hopefully, the issue gets resolved rather quickly or it’s just a simple mistake on Nintendo’s part. What do you guys think?


Apparently, the issue might be in regards to the fact that some games, in this case the Lego game, require you to download the DLC through an in-game menu as opposed to the eShop.

One Twitter user, likely seeing the controversy already surrounding Haan Solos’ previous post, went and downloaded DLC content immediately to test if this was some sort of bug, and found that they could download DLC content straight from the eShop.

It seems that accessing the internet from in the game makes the Nintendo Subscription believe that you are trying to access online features, and thus the problem for downloading DLC content occurs.

So it’s basically a bug that Nintendo has to fix or ensure doesn’t happen for future games.


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