With TellTale closing their doors on hundreds of former employees in the past week, it can be easily said that news hasn’t been good for the company. However, it’s important to never forget that it’s not just TellTale the company that suffers but also the hard working people that helped drive the engine. Even more so when you consider that the company didn’t offer any severance to employees as they suddenly found themselves without work and with only days left on insurance providers and the like.

All this said it’s not hard to understand why a Telltale employee has decided to sue the company in a class-action lawsuit under which they are alleging that Telltale broke labor laws. This lawsuit was brought forth by Vernie Roberts, and is on behalf of not only himself but also the rest of his laid-off companions.

In his complaint, Roberts has stated that Telltale sent everyone packing with neither “cause” or better yet “advance written notice as required by the WARN Act.”

As I’m hardly a lawyer I can’t tell you the specifics off the WARN Act, but I can tell you the general bones of Roberts argument. The argument stands on the ground that the WARN Act, which was made law in 1988, demands that business that have over 100 full-time workers must give 60 days warning of any huge layoffs. A huge lay off is classified as more than 50 employees being fired at once. With the number of people being fired from Telltale ranging up to 275, that number seems to be well and truly reached.

What Roberts and his companions are seeking from this Law Suit is simple. They want the wages in an amount equal to what they would have received should they have been given a 60 days notice of termination – plus some interest.

We will make sure to stay tuned and see if any changes happen in regards to this case but what do you guys think the case will take flight or will it just be drawn out in court?


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