To those big Magic the Gathering fans, go visit Gamespot for the chance to win a beta key for the upcoming digital edition of the card game.

Click here to fly on over to their site to put your name into a hat and try to win.

To those of you unfamiliar with the game, Magic: The Gathering has you take on the role of an elite spellcaster – a Planeswalker. To enact your weapons you are given a handful of cards that you have carefully chosen and collected over time. These cards contain spells and the creatures you can bring to life to fight for you.

The game itself has been around since 1993, and like any deck building game of its’ kind has a huge following. This version of the game will be an online free to play game, that has been redone for today’s gamers.

Watch out Hearthstone –  here come’s Magic.


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