There’s tons of interesting games out on the market for gamers to partake in, but let’s be honest – once you’re done with your favorite games their is a void in your life looking to be filled until the next big blockbuster hit.

That said, that’s where indie games come in handy. They allow us to fill in our days with hack and slash fun or stories that might haunt us at night. Infected Shelter, developed by Dark Blue Games, seems to fall into the first category.

The game tries to take on the end of the world in a more fun way than recent games that come to mind, and will have gamers smashing their way through hordes of enemies in quite colorful ways.

Infected Shelter is a game that changes upon every play through, as it happens to be a randomly generate post apocalyptic action RPG/ dungeon brawler. With the ability to play it single handily or with up to four friends at your side, it is hoping to eat up some of your fun gaming hours.

Gamers are forced to start life at the end of the world, as an individual who wakes up to find that their shelter has been raided by unknown foes and that your people have been kidnapped. In true Rick Grimes fashion, you are not one to let this stand and decide togif infected emerge into the cartoonish yet dangerous landscape that the world has become. From there you will look for the kidnappers, and try to find out the truth about what happened to your friends. As you progress through the world, you will find a whole host of Infected enemies to smash your way through – in very explosive ways.

gif infected 3Infected enemies are hardly the only foe out in the world though, as you progress through you will be forced to encounter different surviving factions and deal with their violent leaders. The only real question you will face when meeting said survivors will be how best to kill them, as they won’t hesitate to kill you.

With every run through of the game different due to randomly generated content Infected Shelter offers a lot of replay-ability when your bored. You also have a whole host of improvements that can be made to your weapons and self, over 150, so you can get creative with how you deal with the world at large.

Currently Infected Shelter is only available on PC, Mac, and Linux, but a port is in the works for PlayStation 4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. If we’re frank about it, Infected Shelter will hardly tick off any noticeable graphic marks for beauty, or even have a captivating story that might pull you in, the game looks to be fun for fun’s sake. As a gamer I know that’s all we need sometimes.


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