The news mill is always turning, and the newest bit of information to hit the street is that Twitch has now been blocked in China. Apparently, the major streaming site is not accessible anymore for any citizens in China and the app has been removed from the App Store.

The decision to ban Twitch hardly seems like a strange one given China’s censorship laws. With them constantly wanting to control anything that goes in and out of their country it was only a matter of time for them to decide to shut down the relatively new streaming service that remained outside their control.

Twitch has been hitting some major popularity in recent years, with the site hitting the No.3 spot among free apps in China. This attention can be attributed to the ever-growing e-sports scene and with streaming proving to be a credible way to make serious money in recent years.twitch-overwatch-league-sign-two-year-broadcast-deal-slim_1200x500With this popularity being so widespread, it stood to reason that the Chinese government would put a stop to the service being able to reach it’s ever blocked shores. With their constant need to ban any media platform that is not their own, it was a wonder that they even let citizens have a taste of the good life for as long as they did. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have been banned for ages, and Google hasn’t even been a speck in their eye for quite some time.

Reports of the blockage were seen across China sporadically, with some still twitchclaiming to be able to access the site, while others were reporting a complete shutdown. Though it’s likely a matter of time before its a complete blanket of death for Twitch on those foreign shores.  That said, for those of you in China who might happen upon this article, well I guess you can’t “get it on Twitch” anymore.




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