We knew it was coming, and now it’s staring us right in the face. The launch date for Nintendo’s online service, Nintendo Switch Online, is this September 18th and will cause another lightening of our wallets. That said, it will be an extremely light one.

Nintendo Online is a paid service that will give access to online play for all future and past online titles and the added benefit of an ever-growing NES library to play at your discretion. You’ll also gain access to an online cloud, allowing you to save your data online for easy access.Nintendo-Switch-Online-Portada-800x506

While playing games online on the Nintendo Switch was a free service until now, the new subscription will make it mandatory to have the service before engaging in splatter warfare in Splatoon 2, or tough combat in the newest Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Thankfully, the price is very low with a monthly subscription costing $3.99 USD, and a yearly subscription costing $19.99 USD. nintendo-switch-online-pricing
Should you get the service, don’t forget to check out the mobile app that goes along with the service. The app is available on iOS and Android and will be required for in-game voice chat. You’ll also use it to invite people to game sessions and use it is required for “special features” that will go along with specific game titles. Though as to what those special features might be, we will have to wait and see as new games launch and the service is tied into future and perhaps past games.



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