CyGames, a company that is more known for its’ mobile titles than console games, has just announced its first console exclusive game. The announcement for the upcoming PS4 game, called Project Awakening, lands before this year’s Tokyo Game Show. With it comes a trailer that seems to be what Shadow of Colossus and Monster Hunter might look like should they have a gaming offspring.

As you can see from the trailer below, we aren’t actually told much in terms of story. The trailer is narrated by a voice that merely states that “It’s time for the wolves of war to awaken.” That said, our rugged hero is likely tasked with defeating these “wolves”. Though if the battle in the trailer is any indication of the fights ahead of our eager monster killer, he might not last.
The game seems to focus on close quarter fighting, though who knows if the option for ranged weaponry will be showcased in a later trailer. The most interesting thing of note though is the shadowy figures at the end of the trailer. They looked quite ‘Colossus’ in nature and threw me back to younger days of climbing on the back of monsters in Shadow of Colossus and trying not to fall to my death.Image result for shadow of colossus gif Though that may be me reading to much into it and wishing for a rebirth of one of my favorite titles.

With no release date slated, we can expect information to slowly be leaked to us in the future so stay tuned for more.


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