Another update is finding its way to Pokemon Go. In a few days time, March 30th, Niantic will be adding not only a quest system in Pokemon Go but also giving us the games first mythical Pokemon – Mew.

The way the quest system works is simple, players will be able to take on two different types of “research” quests. These quests are broken down into ‘Field Research’ and ‘Special Research’. You can gain Field Research from PokeStops, which will then task players with completing a variety of objectives – such as catching certain Pokemon. However Special Research can only be gained speaking with Professor Willow and are considered “story driven activities” that will further a gamers understanding of Pokemon Go.

Completing research quests will ensure players gain a variety of rewards for themselves. That said, for every Field Research quest completed in a day players will receive a ‘stamp’. There are no limits to how many tasks can be completed in a day, though I do believe the amount of stamps you can gain in a day are fixed to one. Upon collecting seven stamps players will gain a Research Breakthrough, which will give them even more rewards and even the chance to meet a Legendary Pokemon. mew-in-pokemon-go-1469789150-herowidev4-0

All the beginning quests for this new update are tied to Mew, which will be the first time a Mythical Pokemon has arrived in game. Though whether or not you will be able to catch the free spirited Pokemon remains to be seen.

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