To those of you who haven’t had the chance to try out the latest Hitman game from IO Interactive, well here’s your chance yet again. The developer announced today that the map Sapienza will be available for gamers to play across all platforms.

The Sapienza map is located on the Italian coastline, and represents one of six locations that were released by IO. This map is apart of the Spring Pack, which is a free pack that will give access to nearly all content pertinent to the Sapienza map. hitman spring pack-590x330

This means that games have the ability to play through the maps mission and side content at their leisure, as well as track down any targets that might be added by IO in Sapienza. It’s important to note, for those who might buy the game, if you download the Spring pack any progress made in Saipienza will carry over to the full game. The pack will only availble for free until April 3rd though, so if you want to grab it do so quick.

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