With a new Hearthstone expansion arriving in the coming month, Blizzard has decided that the best way to announce its arrival would be in typical Blizzard fashion – free packs. Starting this Monday, March 26th, every daily quest will grant you the bonus of a free card pack.

Apparently you will get a reward pack from one of the three expansions already present within the game, and also from the upcoming one. This means you can get cards from Knights of the Frozen Throne, Journey to Un’Goro, Kobolds & Catacombs, or the to be released Witchwood. Though any Witchwood packs received cannot be opened until the expansion actually arrives.

The free pack mayhem will begin March 26th and will go until April 9th, giving the dedicated a chance to gain 14 free packs. These free packs come in conjunction with the launch bonus that players will receive, where they will gain three packs and one random Class Legendary. maxresdefault (2)

As of late Blizzard has been more generous with the amount of freebies it has been giving out, most likely due to the amount of money it takes for new players to be formidable in the gaming realm. That said, if your a new gamer make sure to capitalize on the free packs whenever you can – beating your friends is the most important part of the game after all.

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