The publishers over at Chucklefish, the company that brought us Stardew Valley, has just given a name to their next upcoming RPG. The game was previously called Project Spellbound, but now has been given a new title – WitchBrook.

The name of the upcoming game was announced by Finn Brice, CEO over at Chucklefish, on Twitter. Though that is all he had to say about the upcoming game, no other information was provided. Though the below image was provided in regards to the upcoming game.

The most interesting fact about the upcoming project, and there aren’t many due to the companies tight lip about the project, is the game’s premise. Which revolves around the game being described as a mixture between Stardew Valley and Harry Potter – with us taking on the role of a student at a magic school.

Anyone want to learn how to levitate a feather?

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