To anyone who has played the relaxing but fun farming simulator Stardew Valley, we both know you’ve wished to play with your friends. There is nothing like building an imaginary farm together to really bond a friendship. That said, developer Eric Barone has just tweeted out that the multiplayer function that we all want is still in the works and that “bugs are being fixed at a very good pace”.

The update is suppose to arrive early this 2018, though exactly when remains unknown.

Stardew Valley’s was originally talked about last August on their website. Then it told us about how the update to the game would allow you to bring in three friends to act as farmhands, workers who live in cabins on a player’s farm. These friends live and act as you, planting their own crops, possessing their own inventories, and even marrying whomever they choose.

No split-screen gaming will be possible for this co-op game play, rather relying on online multiplayer to facilitate our gaming needs.

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