With Tomb Raider hitting the movie scene in the immediate future, Square Enix wanted to hit us all with the reveal information on their latest game, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, tomorrow. The game information was going to be revealed on the official Tomb Raider website, which currently is waiting for March 15th, 9 a.m. ET to give us all the official goodies.

That said, it seems that some curious folk have investigated the websites source code and come across interesting news. That being the games release date, and where this game stands in terms of the trilogy released so far. With information in hand, users decided to take to twitter and share their well sleuthed info.

As you can see, the source code seems to be telling us that the game will come out this September 14th – barring any delays. The game is expected on the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox as well. They also seem to be coming up with an event on April 27th that will discuss pre-order options and other facets of the upcoming game.

So to all of you waiting to hear about when the upcoming Laura Croft game will be released, I guess you don’t have to anymore.

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