For those of you who are Pokemon enthusiasts, go jump on Ultra Sun and Moon to claim three rare Pokemon to your roster. Though you can do this only if you have a Pokemon Bank account on the 3DS.

The Pokemon Bank is a cloud storage service that lets players store and move their Pokemon any seventh and sixth generation 3DS Pokemon games. The service costs an annual fee of $5 and thus isn’t that expensive. It’s also worth noting that Fifth generation Pokemon to be transferred to the Pokemon Bank if you use a companion app called Pokemon Transporter.

The Pokemon offered this week are the final evolved forms of your favorite Alola starters — Incineroar, Decidueye, and Primarina — all of which are given as a free bonus just for using the Pokemon Bank. It’s also important to note that these Pokemon are slightly different than their normal counterparts.

pokemon starter

Unlike your normal starter set, each of the Alola starters will start with their Hidden Abilities unlocked – which you can’t normally gain in the games. Incineroar’s hidden ability is called Intimidate, which allows you to lower your opponent’s Attack stats when entering the battle; Decidueye can use Long Reach, allowing you to use moves without making contact; and Primarina uses Liquid Voice, which makes sound based moves count as Water-type attacks.

The Pokemon are super easy to pick up, once you pick the game of your choice – Sun or Moon – you just need to access the Pokemon Bank app. From there you will gain a notification about your freebies, and merely need to click them to access it. Once done, you must turn on the game and find your local deliveryman outside any Pokemon Center.

So go get your Pokemon.

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