To those of you who shell out the extra cash to be considered Twitch Prime members, it’s time to collect on the new game that is available – even if it’s an oldie. The original Devil May Cry has become available to grab for those of you with a Prime subscription, though like all good things it is only for a limited time.

So grab it quick.

It’s hardly rare for free games and other in-game content to be offered by Twitch Prime, much like PS Plus it’s just about knowing what’s available.  That said, the Devil May Cry give away was meant to happen last month but had to be delayed due to “technical” issues of some sort. Twitch Prime doesn’t want you to miss out on the chance to grab it this time though, and will allow you to grab the game until April 3rd – which gives you a month to claim it. Grabbing the game is extremely easy, by clicking the Prime Loot button or finding the Devil May Cry hub you can snatch it up into your waiting hands. You will need the Twitch desktop client to download the game but once you own it the game is yours’. 28103829793lTwitch Prime is the premium service that Twitch members can subscribe for. It’s also a service that Amazon Prime members get for free, so if you are an Amazon Prime member go get your free game as well – just click here to claim your Twitch membership.

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