The newest addition in the God of War series is landing, and it is the first add-on in the last five years. The game is the first big title to be released purely for Sony this year, and will likely have more than a few people running to their local store to pick up a copy. That said, more than just the game is going to be available to play upon its’ release.

With the new game comes a new PS4 Pro bundle, courtesy of designers over at Sony. As you can see below, the color scheme for the new console is mostly grey and silver, with splashes of yellow and dark grey mixed in. The top section of the console is covered with the skill tree that will be present within the game, and showcases how we will be upgrading Kratos’s newest weapon the Leviathan Axe. The controller itself has a matching color scheme and features the God of War logo right on the touchpad. god of war1

The system is sporting 1 TB of memory and is available for a limited amount of time. The bundle will include a physical copy of the new God of War game as well as some type of “digital content” that hasn’t been clarified. Both the game and the console will release together on April 20th, and will cost $400 US or $500 CAD. So any of those in need of a new PS4 or just head over heels in love with the God of War franchise – this one’s for you.


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