David Brevik, the creator behind Diablo, has just recently shown off his newest upcoming solo project: It Lurks Below.

The game seems to take ideas from Minecraft and dungeon crawling like Diablo to make up the core of its system. Allowing for a weird 2D dive into the darkest caverns you can find. That said, before any real exploring can be done in the game it is advisable to do aquire some materials and start crafting, as just like Minecraft – the darker it gets the stronger you need to be.

The beginning of the game will introduce you to the simplistic system, allowing you to choose from several well known RPG classes such as the bard, rogue and so forth. From there you will get dropped into the dungeon dive and be made to find both food and craft your first weapon – a wand. You’ll also be forced to make a shelter of some sort, as while you are dealing with your first few tasks monsters will be attacking you quite predictably and thus making a home to hide in very important.

Once you get the general gist of the game on land, it’s time to start digging down below the surface. The deeper you go, the badder the monster and bosses you will encounter. So like any good RPG player knows – make sure you have the right gear before going into any big fight.

Or you could die underneath the earth’s surface, your choice.

It Lurks Below has no set release date as of yet, but is set to come out on Steam sometime later this year.

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