Onrush, created by developers at Codemasters, has released it’s first trailer. The game is being developed by the company that use to create Motorstorm, and seems to call to the off road fury present within our hearts.

The below trailer shows a host of vehicles, from dirt bikes to buggies, ripping through a variety of off fun landscapes. You can see footage of ramp jumps, horrifying wrecks, and the ways in which you can ruin your friends chances at success by slamming right through them in any given situation.

Codemaster had this to say about their upcoming title: “Onrush is a celebration of sensational speed, outright fun and over the top spectacle…Players battle it out on track to power up their Rush meter which enables them to unleash the ultimate manifestation of boost and power as they wreak havoc on their opponents by performing death defying takedowns and stunts.”

The game will feature only eight classes of vehicles to enjoy, each possessing their own advantages and disadvantages. Each class also comes with a different set of abilities when their special, Rush State, is activated and thus will be something to consider for your own personal play style. The Rush bar will play an important role in your ability to win races, as Codemaster themselves state that “…Racing with style and flair is what counts as you perform incredible takedowns and put everything on the line in order to power up your all important Rush bar.” As the abilities you gain will make the difference between a win or a loss, unless you are a racing god like some of my friends.

Onrush drops June 5th on Xbox One and PS4. The game is up for pre-order already, and an early purchase will gain you access to the beta.

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