Mario Encyclopedia

Dark Horse Publishing is back at it again, creating a new references book based on the Mushroom Kingdom. After it’s success with it’s three Legend of Zelda references books the company has decided that a Super Mario Encyclopedia is the way to go.

The Encyclopedia will be much like the Legend of Zelda reference books, and offer an in depth look into each Super Mario game that Nintendo has made so far. That mean’s it will be covering games such as Super Mario Bros – made in 1985, to more recent creations like Super Mario World 3D – which was created in 2015. The encyclopedia will offer level layouts, game glitches, guides to finding all collectibles and more. It’s essentially a portable walk through for all those gamers looking to really finish all their past Mario games but couldn’t figure out how. knff799nyu0mli7jsthr

The book will release October 23rd, so you have more than enough time to save up for the retail price of $39.99 should you want it. A collectors edition has yet to be mentioned though likely will at some point in the future. That said, paying normal price for me has always worked out just fine.
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