Dead Space Free On PC For Limited Time

Dead Space, a horror game that was released in 2008 and had a huge fan base, is now available for free on EA’s Origin service. The offer will only last for a limited time, so I’d advice you to grab it while you can – as once it’s in your library it is your’s to play at your leisure.

The graphics for the game aren’t exactly top notch, as the game is rather old, but it still is a game that remains extremely scary and fun to play. For those who never had a chance to dabble in the game, it focuses on Isaac Clarke, an engineer on the USG Ishimura who has to find a way off a deserted ship filled. Well deserted is the wrong word, as it is filled with hordes of monsters and a variety of scares for gamers to make their way through in an effort to survive. Shooting the monsters isn’t enough though, make sure to tear them apart as their corpses will still try to attack you.

Here’s a trailer to scare your poor soul for the horror to come:

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