Street Fighter 5: Blanka Appears

The next DLC character that Capcom has decided to bring to us in Street Fighter 5 is our favorite electrical monster, Blanka. The well known, and often annoying to fight monster, will be available to all February 20th. The trailer down below shows you Blankas new look, and while he looks much the same as before I can’t help but feel that his hair looks wilder than ever.

According to Capcom’s website, in the current story line of the game “Blanka is living peacefully with his mother, and has adapted well to being introduced back into society”. However it seems that Blanka is in for some trouble, as “one day, a suspicious salesman approaches him and offers a way to make Blanka famous by mass producing a doll made in Blanka’s likeness”. As to who this salesman is, and what his real intentions might be, the story mode of SFV is the only way to find out.

The characters fighting style hasn’t changed at all as you can see from above. His way of fighting involves biting, clawing, and head butting his enemies into submission. There is also Blanka’s go to move, the ability to electrocute his foes, that many players can remember spamming in their youth. As for his new special moves, go give them a try when he drops as I’m sure they will be more than satisfying to land on your unsuspecting friends.

Blanka will cost you all told of $6 dollars to unlock, or 100,000 of in game Fight Money. Though to those of you who have the Season 3 Character Pass he will be available at no cost. The Season 3 pass also includes Falke, Sakura, Sagat, and Cody.

So keep your eyes peeled for all the characters joining the roster.

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