Pokemon Go: New Legendary and Gen 3 Pokemon

Niantic is dropping a whole new selection of Pokemon for their popular game Pokemon Go. As of February 9th, gamers will be able to catch some Pokemon that were from Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby. You will also have a small chance to catch the Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza, though you must act on it quickly or miss the chance all together.

The Pokemon will be avaliable from February 9th to March 16th in Raid Battles at Gyms. Rayquaza represents the third Legendary Pokemon from the third Generation of Pokemon that has come up for grabs, with Kyogre and Groudon being the first two. So if you want to collect the powerful Dragon-type make sure to hit up your local gym.


The update will bring more than 100 Gen 3 Pokemon to the handheld game, with a new wave of Hoenn Pokemon also flying in. With Dragon types like Salamence, Altaria, and Metagross leading the group. That said, any Pokemon you encounter from the 9th of February to the 13th will originate from the Hoenn region.

So get to hunting guys.

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