Overwatch: Blizzard World Arriving Next Week

Blizzard has finally decided to grace us with a new map in the coming week: Blizzard World. It’s a theme park based map filled with the greatest hits from the Blizzard universe, and will be arriving this January 23rd across all three platforms.

Whether there will be hero changes included with this new update remains to be seen, or perhaps even a new hero all together. However, some cool skins have been showcased in the upcoming patch – many of them homages to previous games in the Blizzard universe. That said, you can see Widowmaker in a Nova Skin from StarCraft, a barbarian skin for Zarya, and even World of Warcraft skins for Tobjorn and Doomfist. With Mei and Reihnhardt featuring story based skins.

Blizzard World has been on the PTR network for a while now, and so won’t be something new for PC players. However console players will be touching the map for the first time, and will have to memorize the in’s and out’s of the pretty map. All while taking in the wonderful sites that have made up our gaming childhood.

Check out the map below:

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