Civ 6: Rise and Fall Expansion

Civilization 6 is about to experience its first big expansion in the form of Rise and Fall. The developers over at Firaxis just showed us what to expect from the upcoming DLC in a detailed trailer.

The trailer shows of a Loyalty System, the Dark ages, Governors and Emergencies. For those of you who have played Civlization before, Golden Ages are something you know all about. However Rise and Fall has decided to add a counter part in the form Dark ages. If a players Era Score just isn’t high enough, you can enter into those horrible time with your citizens. During which citizen happiness will be reduced and you can even worry about being secede or revolts from within.

In connection with that train of thought, we have Loyalty as well. Loyalty can affect a whole host of things, from your borders to your resource production. Low enough loyalty can also cause your cities to rebel or declare independence from you. Thus the new units, Governors, are helpful in that regard. As they can help a cities Loyalty and give other bonuses to specific tiles.

Finally the last addition is a new cooperation system called Emergencies. This mode comes about when something huge happens on a map, such as a nuclear attack, which then triggers an emergency mode. This makes non allies, or victim civilizations of the attack, band together in mutual recover. These teams then must participate in certain quest to help recover their own infrastructures recover from the attack.

Check out the detailed video below:

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