Twitch: Grabbing Overwatch Streaming Rights

The popular game Overwatch, Blizzards hit FPS, and Twitch are going to be working hand in hand this season. As Twitch has just announced that it has managed to gain exclusive broadcasting rights for the Overwatch League, a deal that apparently came with an expensive price tag. The exclusivity deal apparently ranged up to $90 million dollars, and is meant to secure them at least two seasons of broadcasting rights.

The price range came to us via Sports Business Daily, which also made a report on the deal – as it is one of the biggest in esports history to date. Whether or not the deal is beneifical remains to be seen, but it’s sure to improve ratings for the website. After all, the Overwatch league has quickly become one of the most formalized and popular esports leagues around.

That said, as it stands this deal has made Twitch the third party cable of streaming the matches, half of the season will also be shown on, Activision’s first party streaming service. With the first match going live today Janurary 10th. offline_tracer_overwatch__by_kireaki_by_kireaki-da8cj4uIt’s also worth noting that it remains unclear on whether or not this deal only covers the streaming rights with Overwatch. As Twitch has announced previously that it would like to work with Activision on some type of program that could reward its fans.

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