Old Cult Classic: Yume Nikki On Steam

A game that made waves in the gaming underground over in Japan is heading to the Steam store, over a decade after it was originally released. The game, Yume Nikki, is free to play and has been available for years online. That said, the release on steam seems to be in anticipation for a new game based on the original project.

The game, as the steam page claims, is a “controversial work”. With gamers making there way through a few dozen dream worlds, all of which hold unexpected twists and turns for players to deal with. The game has zero dialogue to speak of, with minimal action to its name – most of it just revolves around walking and collecting items. With very little to do , gamers concentrated on the story of which the actual meaning is something that fans of the franchise have theorized over the years.

The publisher Playism has decided that this tiny shot at popularity wasn’t enough, and has announced on Steam that “The countdown to the next Yume Nikki project begins”. With that announcement a timer appeared on this website, and seems to be counting to January 17th. Whether or not this is counting down to an announcement or the release of a new game remains to be seen, that said Yume Nikki fans are sure to be holding there breath.

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