Injustice 2: Adding Enchantress to The Roster 

Injustice 2 is adding the games 37th fighter to its roster, and this time they are bringing to us the Enchantress. She will be available this coming January 9th, at least for those of you who have early access to the characters due to the games premium Ultimate Edition, Ultimate Pack or Fighter Pack 3. To the rest of us, we can only gain Enchantress this January 16th.

The DC super villain seems to have a whole host of cool moves at her disposal, and looks to be quite annoying to counter. That said, I am sure there will be more than a few gamers that thrive with the character. As you can see her move set involves some cool juggle combinations, some nifty counterattacks, and projectile weapons that will have gamers quickly closing the distance for close range fighting.

In regards to upcoming characters, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be coming – most likely – sometime in February.

Tell us what you think of Injustice 2 and it’s roster so far in the comments below.

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